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Welcome to thewritersalley.com.  Writing is many things—talent, passion, art, personal expression, skill, livelihood, educational tool or source of anxiety.  Whatever it is to you, writing is vital to success in education and most professional careers.  Learning to write well involves observation of the world around us, along with analytical skills, logical organization and creativity.  Writing engages all of our senses, our emotions, and our knowledge.  Teaching students to write—to use personal insights and to synthesize ideas—is an exciting and challenging interaction.

Writer’s Alley enters into this stimulating interchange as a resource and forum for teachers and students of writing—and for those who use writing, even if they don’t feel it is their strong suit.

PowerPoint presentations for teachers provide lectures for the stages of the writing process, and to teach special skills like summarizing and creating coherence in your classes.  Teachers and students can use the Research Paper Plan and Checklist to develop and evaluate assignments.

We’ll be updating our blog weekly, discussing issues we see in writing and education.  We’ll also be adding more resources for students and teachers, so check in with us every week. You can contact us through Facebook and Twitter; it would be great to hear what resources would be useful for you, and what assignments you need help with.

Our most exciting innovation for teaching writing will be our on-line writing tutorial, which we’ll be launching soon.  As a teaching tool, it guides students step by step through the process of writing a paper, offering prompts to encourage critical thinking and effective communication. It’s an interactive learning tool, which uses student ideas and input to coach them through prewriting, drafting, revising and editing papers.

So welcome to our website! We have combined our years of writing and teaching experience to provide what we believe are best practices in writing, and hope that the tools we have provided will make teaching writing easier and more enjoyable.  We hope you will use these ideas and engage in a dialogue with us about the challenges we all face.

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