Writer’s Alley Interactive Writing Tutorial

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The Writer’s Alley Interactive Writing Tutorial provides detailed explanations about how to write. It includes examples, along with writing prompts and writing worksheets. The outline templates help writers organize their ideas. Students who have to conduct research will get help from the tutorial in how to prepare for research, how to find sources, how to take notes and how to integrate sources into their papers.
We live in the information age, so the ability to gather, analyze, synthesize and communicate information is the key to success—which means the ability to write well is a key component of success in college and in most careers. The Writer’s Alley Interactive Writing Tutorial can help prepare students for college success and success in their careers. It teaches students how to write essays or write research papers. The tutorial also teaches students to write opinion or argumentative papers. Part of the purpose of a college education is to prepare each student for the analytical thinking and rhetorical skills needed to thrive throughout the challenges of the future. In college, students will have to write papers for most classes—sometimes as many as three per class. Exams will often include essay sections, which again require students to write effectively. Before they can even get into college, students must write an essay for their ACT or SAT exams, and they have to write an application essay. 

Writing, as the key to success in so much of life, can be stressful and intimidating to many students—so much is riding on their performance. Students can get a lot of tips about writing well in writing textbooks and on the Internet. Most students feel that the guidance they get in writing tells them what to do, but it doesn’t tell them how to do it, and they have a hard time transferring instructions into action. They read the instructions, but when they turn to the blank screen, those instructions often seem obscure and foreign. Anxiety can make matters worse, resulting in writer’s block.The Writer’s Alley Interactive Writing Tutorial guides students step by step through the writing process. It breaks the process down into manageable stages and helps students set a timeline to complete the needed tasks. Writer’s Alley also helps students manage the vast amount of information they must juggle as they write. The tutorial provides prompts to help students think through their ideas and to encourage the critical thinking and analytical skills so vital to success.


The Writer’s Alley Interactive Writing Tutorial has several key stages:

Checklist: helps students understand and remember the requirements they must meet. Success in college often means managing a number of tasks. Writer’s Alley helps students do so.

Topic Selection: helps students consider a variety of topics
for their assignment and formulate their ideas for the best topic.

Research: directs students through the four stages of the research process, including preparing for research, conducting research, taking notes, and incorporating source material into their papers. This stage provides a system for managing information.


Idea Generation: provides creative strategies to help students develop sufficient ideas about their topic to meet the assignment requirements. Each has a writing worksheet, as well as explanations and examples of good writing.
Thesis Statements: focuses students’ ideas about the paper so they can write an effective thesis for their audience. The thesis worksheet helps students write college level papers.

Organization: provides templates for the most common types of papers required in college, and teaches students how to organize information for the most effective paper.


Drafting: guides students as they write an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion for their papers. This keeps students on track whether writing a research paper or college essay.

Revision: focuses on the eight key areas that most improve student writing, providing prompts and instruction for improving the draft of the paper. All of the student’s work is stored in the notebook, which the writer can access at any time to draw from for writing and revising.

Editing: teaches student writers to review their papers carefully to correct grammar errors and typos. Students can follow the order of the tutorial or use the menu to navigate through any process they want.
The Writer’s Alley Interactive Writing Tutorial makes a great gift for the high school graduate moving into college. A college education is expensive and time consuming. The Writer’s Alley Interactive Writing Tutorial is one way to secure and nurture that investment.



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