Editing and Writing Services

Focused on helping you achieve your best writing!

We are dedicated to the writer’s craft, to the beauty of language, the clarity of ideas, the connection to the reader. Our readings of your work reflect that dedication, along with the respect we have for writers like you who have the persistence and courage it takes to complete a manuscript. Whether your work is fiction or non-fiction, we hope to enhance your writing (not replace it with our own) by finding and teasing out the many elements that make the written word an artform. The goal of our freelance editing service is to help you prepare your manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher, maintaining your vision and voice. We will also work with you to revise your work for self-publication to ensure the quality of your writing because your credibility and sales hinge on reaching your audience with your words.

Comments focus on some or all of the following issues, depending on your writing needs.The list is not exhaustive and we do not follow a rubric because our goal is to take each piece of writing individually and to pay attention to the writer’s purpose, style and the words on the page. The first reading follows the same path that a naive reader would follow–being surprised by the developments and turns any written text takes. In this reading, the focus is on clearing away the most obvious issues that might impede a reader’s progress through the text. You get comments that reflect a first-hand reaction to the material. As any writer knows, though, revisions often cause new issues–with internal consistency or new structural and sentence-level issues from cutting and pasting. That’s why we include a second reading in our per-word fee. This reading involves fine-tuning the language, making sure threads of ideas are clear throughout the entire manuscript, and looking for the more obscure issues that might undermine a writer’s credibility.

Sentence-level issues: sentence structure, variety and clarity; grammatical correctness; punctuation; verb tense; pronoun reference; word choice

Development issues: organization and structure; plot and pacing, characterization, setting, logical consistency of events; overall focus and theme; elimination of nonessential elements and digressions; readers’ reactions; genre conventions;

Paragraph issues: structure of paragraphs; development with detail, description and evidence (where applicable); use of logic; paragraph breaks and dialogue

We have two pricing options to suit your needs:

.025¢/word—averaging 15-20 comments/page $40/hour—averaging 12 pages per hour
Initial hour consultation by phone or in person

Revision of sentence level issues

Correction of major grammar mistakes

In-text comments and suggestions for revisions

Overall analysis of manuscript with recommendations for changes to structural and concept issues

Second review with feedback after you make revisions

This is a pay-as-you-go option for writers who might need more assistance revising their manuscripts and want to focus on specific elements of their writing. You have the option to choose the type of feedback and writing assistance you need.