Teacher Resources

If you are new to teaching composition, or if you want to focus on the writing process, these lectures walk you through each stage using best practices for teaching students how to write. You can download them and adapt them to your own style. Introduce students to the writing process. Then move to prewriting, and when you get to the list of prewriting options (like brainstorming, clustering, free writing, asking questions and using the five senses), explain each and give time in class for students to try them out for the paper they are writing at the time. When you give the lecture on thesis statements, stop on the slide with the three fundamental questions and have students answer them and construct thesis statements. Then have students write on the board or read the statements and critique each other’s. Click here to view our Teacher Resources

Student Resources

As you get assignments in your classes, use the resources here to help you with your papers. You can print out an outline for the organizational pattern of your assigned paper and fill in your own content into the correct structure. If you have to do research, use the Research Paper Plan before you get started to make sure you are on track. When you finish, double-check your work with the Research Paper Checklist. Finally, if you have to write a special type of document, like a summary, use our instructions here to make it easier. Click here to view our Student Resources