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Academic Arguments

Provide students with a basic understanding of how academic arguments are structured.  Show how opinions can be formulated into academic arguments. Use the worksheet in Student Resources to give students practice formulating academic arguments.

Conducting Research

Use the lecture to guide students through the four steps of researching: preparing, conducting research, taking notes, and incorporating sources into a paper.

Writing Workshop: Researching

Use the three workshop activities to help students analyze research papers and how they are constructed.  The workshop helps teach them about citations and how they serve readers; the use of students’ ideas, paraphrase and quotation; and the structure of research papers.

15-Week Class Schedule

Class Schedule WA: Use this schedule as an easy way to incorporate Write-Anything into your writing class.  You can add, delete or rearrange to meet your curriculum requirements or teaching preferences.  The class works with or without a textbook, and you can choose the readings you like.