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How to Write a Summary and Response

A common assignment in writing classes is to read an article and write a summary and response.  This document will help you understand what is meant by a summary and how it is different from a response.  You will also learn how to write a summary and response, with possible templates provided.

How to Write a Journal

Many classes require journals, and many people want to keep a journal just for fun. This document tells how to write a journal and provides 100 possible topics.

Classical Argument Outline Template

The outline for Classical Argument helps you to support a position based on reasoned arguments. In other words, you choose a side and use a number of claims, each supported with evidence, to prove your side is correct.

Comparison Contrast Outline Template

There are templates for the two ways to go about writing a comparison or contrast essay. You can discuss the criteria for comparison and then tell how each item fits with the criteria (Point by Point). You can also discuss one item, listing all criteria, followed by each other item to be included (Item by Item).

Narrative Outline Template

This is a typical outline for a chronologically developed narrative.
After you do your prewriting, you will be able to insert your content into the format indicated by the outline. You will want to create some variation based on your topic and purpose.

Research Paper Checklist

When you finish your research paper, go through the checklist of key components of strong research papers to make sure you have them all in your paper.

Research Paper Plan

This worksheet will help you consider all elements that you need for your research paper. Use it to plan how your paper will go.